Vegan Bacon (Herbivore)(100g)

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*Vegan  *Plastic Packaging (Busy testing plastic free alternatives)

Created using ingredients such as wheat protein (seitan), tofu, nuts, chickpeas, beet, herbs and spices, and fashioned to resemble real meat, our products are not only visually attractive, but offer authentic tastes.

Our smokey ‘bacon’ is the ideal substitute for traditional bacon. Fry lightly for about 10 seconds on each side in a little hot oil to release the flavour. Use in a traditional breakfast or to wrap asparagus or other veg or vegan cheese. Add to a salad or layer in a bake.

Vegetable protein (wheat gluten), soy, onion, garlic, salt, chickpeas, beetroot, tomato, liquid smoke, veg stock and spices

Following a whole food, plant-based diet has many advantages for optimum health such as skin improvement, healthy gut, weight loss, increased energy levels and a healthy heart.  

Adopting a vegan diet is the surest way to save yourself, animals and the planet; one bean burrito at a time!




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