Vegan Protein Powder (200g)

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Vegan Collagen has arrived!  With a base of Organic Pea Protein and Organic Brown Rice Protein we have added our trademarked blend of CollaVeg which is all natural, from plant source, and contains the same amount of Glycine and Proline as Bovine Collagen.  CollaVeg is also a source of Bamboo Silica.  Silica is a mineral that is required by the body to produce Collagen.  It is also an anti-inflammatory agent in the body.  This powerful combination of ingredients means that vegans can now too experience the benefits of Collagen.  The Harvest Table’s Vegan Protein blend is 81% protein  and every serving contains the same quantity of Glycine and Proline (the amino acids that make Collagen so powerful) as an animal based Collagen.

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