Chocolate Nut and Sea Salt Trail Bar (25g)

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*Halaal  *Non-GMO  *Vegetarian

GD Trail bars are Halaal Certified and suitable for Vegetarian diets. Made with NON-GMO ingredients and sustainably sourced honey. GD Trail Bars have added chicory root fibre to the formulation, a prebiotic which has the potential to aid in digestion and lower cholesterol further to assisting with blood sugar levels.


almonds (28%), honey (17%), chicory root fibre, peanuts (17%), date syrup, cocoa powder (12%), date syrup, raisins, sea salt (1%), coconut oil.

Perfect for sporting events, as lunchbox treats, a quick breakfast or afternoon pick-me-up. Your customers will love this new addition to GD’s decadent range.


GD Trail Bars



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