Pomegranate Reduction (170g)

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*All Natural  *Reusable/ Recyclable Packaging

Klapperbos 100% pure Real Pomegranate Reduction is truly the most versatile and healthy condiment you can have in your kitchen.

  • Great for the braais and roasts – add magic to your marinade
  • Baste over roast veggies
  • Add to salad dressing
  • Use in desserts & baking with yogurt, in sorbets
  • Mix in drinks and dips

Klapperbos reduction is slowly evaporated ensuring that the antioxidants and polyphenols for which pomegranates are recognized are fully preserved, along with the colour and flavour. This makes it ideal for those using pomegranate for health reasons.

Klapperbos Real Pomegranate Reduction is unpasteurized. This is the big difference between our product and others. The combination of low ph and high brix level (naturally occuring sugars) ensures it can stay on your shelf and in the kitchen indefinitely.

We advise keeping it refrigerated to maintain colour and flavour.

Made from 100% pure pomegranate juice

No sugar added

No Preservatives


One Jar equal to 2kg of pomegranates


Klapperbos Farm


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