Depot: Pinetown, KZN, South Africa

Moringa 5000 (Herbal Healing Balm) (50ml)

R99.00 Excl Vat

*All Natural                                                                                       

Treats stiff joints & muscles, rheumatics, body pains, headaches, sore feet, sinus & colds, bruises.                                                                                                                

Contains Arnica oil, Menthol, Cinnamon leaf oil, Oil Eucalyptus, Oil Caryophillum, Peppermint Oil, Oil Terebinth, Oil Salvia, Libanotica

Store in a Cool Place as it is oil based, it will leak if left in the sun or in a warm environment example: in a car on a hot Summers day   

Moringa 5000   


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