Buckwheat (Dehulled) (400g)

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*Non GMO  *Gluten free  *Re-useable/ Recyclable Packaging

Truefood Buckwheat is non GMO and Gluten Free making it ideal for those with gluten intolerances or celiac disease. This highly nutritious ancient grain is also a complete protein making it suitable for vegan and vegetarian diets further to providing minerals and vitamins.  Buckwheat is also a source of fibre and helps to stabilise metabolism which could assist with weight management or weight loss goals.

Considered to be a fruit seed Buckwheat can be eaten raw or cooked and enjoyed as a starch replacement. Commonly used for gluten free breads or crackers, buckwheat can also be used for pastry or pancake dishes that call for no gluten or as a healthy breakfast porridge.

Buckwheat is;

  • High in manganese that fights free radicals within the body and acts as an anti-oxidant
  • Rich in Phosphorous that detoxes the body and maintains bone and dental health
  • High in copper that increases iron absorption
  • Rich in magnesium which is crucial for many functions within the body, with over 300 bio-chemical reactions depending on the mineral
  • High in B vitamins that help to maintain energy levels throughout the day


Buck Wheat



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