Bone Broth Powder (350g)

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*All Natural   *GMO free  *Chemical free  *Gluten free  *Return glass jar for a credit

Grass fed, bovine source nutritional powerhouse.

Nutrition-dense, our Natural Beef Bone Broth powder is high in protein and derived from the broth obtained by slow cooking the beef bones in order to extract their gelatin and flavour. This process also makes it easier for your body to absorb the essential amino acids, minerals, and nutrients.

Dating back 2,500 years, the Chinese used bone broth as a remedy for a variety of health ailments to support digestive health and even the blood. The Egyptians used bone broth as their solution for the common cold in the 12th century. Bone broth even earned the nickname ‘Jewish Penicillin’, as it was traditionally used for many generations in Jewish households. It has also been said that native people from all over the world use bone broth to maintain their strength into old age.

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