Beans (Edamame) (Roasted & Salted) (80g)

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*Non GMO  *Vegan  *Gluten Free  *Re-usable Packaging

Edamame Beans (ed-ah-MAH-may) are little green soybeans that come in pods like peas. Edamame is naturally gluten-free and low calorie, contains no cholesterol and is an excellent source of protein, iron, and calcium. Roasted Edamame is an all natural, great tasting, heart healthy snack you are sure to love! Enjoy it as a snack or toss in a salad or trail mix!

70% less fat and 40% more protein than peanuts.

Edamame Benefits

  • High in Protein
  • Source of Dietary fibre
  • Source of Vitamin C, B6 and E
  • Source of Iron, Magnesium and Potassium


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