Go Organically Green



1. Support sustainable farming practices

Which are in harmony with nature. Preservation of soil, together with crop rotation, cultivates a fertile and nutrient rich environment which in turn encourages biodiversity.

Chemical avoidance protects our ecosystem.  Insects, birds, frogs and soil organisms all have an important part to play.honey-bee  Bees are losing their role at an alarming rate. The greatest modern scientist of our time once prophetically stated:

“Mankind will not survive the honeybees’ disappearance for more than 5 years”  Albert Einstein

Support sustainability and bring back the bees!

2.  Buying organic is better for you and the environment!

Organically grown foods have more nutrients as the soil is well nourished, rich in vitamins, minerals, enzymes and micronutrients. Furthermore when you buy from Greenheart Organics, you reduce your carbon footprint by not using fuel to purchase goods from retailers.You reduce the use of packaging materials and plastic bags (which you pay for at retailers) and generate less waste.

3.  Save money

Going organic does not have to cost you more – have you seen our pricelist?   Besides saving yourself a trip (and the fuel) to the supermarket you are spending less money on impulse buys.  You are also saving money on trips to the Doctor and to the drug counter.  You will however live longer and this is the price you will pay!

4. Buy fresh, nutritious & delicious food

For you and for your family. Our produce is fresher, picked from the ground and delivered to your door.  It tastes better than store bought produce as it has not been boxed, shipped, stored or ripened with agents to ready them aesthetically for the supermarket shelf.

Studies have found that organic fruit & veg deliver 20-60% higher anti-oxidant activity than non-organic produce – now thats food for thought!

Organic heirloom varieties especially, are cultivated for taste over appearance and preserve agricultural diversity.

5. Save time

With the convenience of an online store and delivery service who source and pick the best quality produce and products on your behalf. Less time spent shopping + more productivity + more quality family time + more time to plan and prep delicious meals.

= just order online!

6. Have peace of mind.

Avoid processed foods, artificial flavour enhancers, food colourants, preservatives, excess sugar & salt, GMO’s and all the rest of the unwelcome additives which clutter our food isles and confuse our bodies.

Buy natural wholesome down to earth goodness from Greenheart Organics.

7. Support and empower your local community

Take a stand against monoculture by saying NO to large scale unsustainable agricultural practices which are contaminating our environment, poisoning our precious water supplies and destroying our valuable farmlands.

8. Support animal welfare.

Organic farms foster animals in a humane and ethical manner.  Animals are not subjected to hormones, antibiotics and growth stimulants.  It goes without saying, if free range animals are hormone free, healthier and happier, you will be too…

Support animal welfare, and don’t forget meat free Mondays!

9. Live by example.

The small choices we make today will have a significant impact on the choices our children will make, and the world they will live in.

10. Because its simple:

Simplify your life, save time and money.  Live healthier, happier and greener with Greenheart Organics!

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