• Q: Are all of your vegetables Non GMOA: Yes
  • Q: Are your vegetables pesticide free?   A:   Yes.  Farms are visited by an independent audit committee or endorsed by a community based organic certification system (PGS) which visits farms and monitors farming activities.
  • Q: Do I need to sanitize my goods on arrival?  A:  Due to the precautionary measures and limited contact the risk is minimal however it is your decision entirely to sanitize further or not.  We spritz organic sanitizer over all items on arrival and on departure.  Our eco-warriors are all masked, armed with sanitizers and screened on arrival. 
  • Q: How should I store my produce?   A:  Organic produce has been hand picked from the farm the day before delivery.  With our hot climate, heat is one of the biggest challenges for the small scale farmer.  We do our best to keep produce fresh by packing leafy items in certified stay fresh compostable packaging.  Our produce is also seasonally picked when it is at it’s ripest and nutritional best unlike conventional produce which are often artificially ripened and treated to last on shelves for weeks.  As a general rule, wash and place root veg such as carrots and beets covered in water in your refrigerator.  Pop bunches of herbs/ leafy greens in a bowl of iced water to rejuvenate, wrap in a paper towel & store in the fridge. 
  • Q: Is buying organic produce really better for you?  A:  Organically grown goods contain more nutrients as the soil in which they are grown is well nourished, rich in vitamins, minerals, enzymes and micronutrients.  Studies have shown that organic produce may deliver 20-60% higher anti-oxidant activity than conventional produce.  Organic produce is much safer due to the absence of pesticides (poisons) which cause many health issues.    
  • Q: Why buy local organic produce and artisan products?  A:  By supporting local farmers and artisans you are sourcing ethically and sustainably produced food and empowering your local community.  You reduce your carbon footprint by reducing travel, production and packaging materials and generate less waste by purchasing from a store who is committed to a waste free ethos.  Small scale farmers and artisan suppliers care far less about quantities and far more about the quality of their products and the well being of their customers and the environment.
  • Q: Some of the items I ordered have not been delivered.  Why was I not notified of this beforehand?  A:  We become aware of shortages the same day as you do – delivery day!  Credits are passed immediately and will reflect on your invoice as a NIL charge.  These credits are allocated to your store account on a Friday and may be redeemed by logging into your store account.  Please register an account to redeem your credit.
  • Produce is supplied on a first come, first served basis and so it is a good idea to place your order early to ensure that you have priority when it comes to supply. We do not substitute with non organic items and so if an item is unavailable you will receive a credit rather than a substitute.  Our organic farmers are facing increasing market demands as well as challenging environmental impacts such as insect attacks, wildlife invasion and weather extremes.  We always do our best to supply as much of your order as possible.
  • Q: Why are there additional packaging charges added to my invoice?  A:  If you did not add your own packaging we will add this for you in order to transport and deliver your goods in.  Any minor balance due for packaging may be paid together with your next order and you may return your boxes or crates to our driver for a full refund.  Produce is packed in certified compostable film bags which can be added to your bokashi bin, composted or discarded in your general waste bin with minimal environmental impact (look for the Good for the ground sticker).  SOS bags are also fully compostable and used for meat products for hygiene purposes.
  • Q: I keep forgetting to place my order in time and it is disappointing when I miss the weekly 4pm Sunday order deadline.  What can I do?  A:  You can opt for a customized repeat weekly order which we will automate for you – Request to be added to our weekly whatsapp broadcast list so that you can receive a weekly order reminder and be notified of special offers:  Whatsapp “Reminder” to :  084 274 5817.

          Thank you for supporting local, ethical farmers and artisan suppliers.