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Who are we and how does it all work?

Greenheart Organics is an online organic food & waste free living store which aims to provide you with quality, locally & sustainably sourced:

  • Fresh Organic Produce
  • Free Range Eggs & Chicken & Grass Fed Meats
  • Farm Milk & Dairy (rBST free)
  • Non GMO, Vegan, Sugar & Gluten Free Pantry Products
  • Eco-friendly Detergents & All Natural Cruelty Free Beauty Products
  • Sustainable Living Products
Fresh Delivery

Ordering online is easy:  Simply click on the Home tab and fill up your cart.  Goods are then ordered directly from local farms and suppliers and hand picked or prepped the day before delivery.  There is no waste, no artificial ripening process, nor is there a need for items to sit around on shop shelves for days or weeks before purchase. 

WE DELIVER to your door:  home or office!

We have a waste free ethos

Remember the milk bottle exchange system from way back when.. well its back, its better and its a waste free living at its best!  We work with a deposit and rebate system for glass jars and bottles. When you place an order you will automatically be charged for your glass container which is a fully refundable deposit.  Your account will receive a credit when we deliver your next order and pick up your empty jars/ bottles/ containers. 

You may also return boxes, crates and any empty plastic container bought from our store for a rebate on your account.  Thats right, we actually reward you for boxes, crates and any empty plastic containers!

Commitment to Grow Organically

The commitment to go organic begins with heart, with a passion for a healthy lifestyle and with sustainable environmental practices.   In essence the organic farmer believes it is important to allow Mother Nature to provide us with food and nutrients the way nature intended. The end result is health, for the environment and for the consumer.

We visit our suppliers regularly in order to get to know our farmers. Greenheart Organics is an established PGS group which means we encourage transparency with a locally focused quality assurance system based on a foundation of trust, social networks and knowledge exchange.




"PGS programmes require a fundamentally ecological approach to agriculture that uses no synthetic chemical pesticides, fertiliser or GMOs, and further sustains farmers and workers in a cradle of long-term economic sustainability and social justice." IFOAM - Organics International

Download PGS Brochure


We believe in taking back our power of choice!

There is a great deal that we do not know about the associated risks of pesticide & chemical use in both our agricultural fields, and in our homes. What we do know is that chemicals and pesticides are toxic. We need to learn more about the mounting studies which are finding evidence of health problems linked to pesticide exposure.

We are lulled into a false sense of security with clever marketing tactics, store specials and attractive packaging in the midst of busy supermarkets and shopping malls.  Behind the scenes there is a sinister side to the everyday items we place in our shopping baskets & trolleys.

Did you know the following items are known cancer causing foods:  Genetically Modified Food; Processed meat; Canned goods; Hydrogenated oils; Refined sugar & artificial sweeteners; Salted, smoked, cured or pickled foods; Carbonated beverages; Refined carbohydrates; Processed breakfast cereals; Microwave popcorn; Potato chips.

If this isn't scary enough consider ecosystems fuelled by frogs and bees being slowly diminished due to large scale monoculture and pesticide use


The Root of it..

Going back to our roots (the ancestral kind) there was no need to navigate through additive laden shopping isles and decipher tricky marketing ploys.  Food was naturally grown, prepared from raw ingredients, unprocessed and clean.

Looking to the future, it is our children who will tread in our footsteps and plant the seeds of change for future generations.  Lets hope they will be heirloom seeds!

We would love to hear from you, so please tell us more about what you do and don't want, if you would like to know more about a particular product or supplier, and what you want to see more of? 

Send us a mail in order to keep updated with specials offers & news, or hit the Home button above to start shopping.    

Yours Organically

Donna Barnard