How to Create a Healthy & Natural Lifestyle



Does the idea of leading a healthy, natural lifestyle appeal to you?

Does it feel like it’s out of your reach?

It’s not as unattainable as you may think.

Let’s find out what simple changes you can make to start your journey towards a healthier, happier, more natural way of living…






Eat real food

Before processed food became the go to option for most working moms, a diet of whole or real food was the norm. Real food is essentially food that closely resembles how it’s found in nature. They’re loaded with the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants you need for optimal health, e.g. eggs and liver are a rich source of choline which is good for proper brain function; just one Brazil nut contains your full RDA of selenium. The increased fibre content of real food is beneficial to the digestive system and promotes good gut health. It also lowers the risk of heart disease, stroke and some cancers and helps to stabilise blood sugar levels. In the long term, real food costs less because it minimises the medical costs of managing chronic illnesses. So even though it takes a bit more time to prepare a meal from scratch, the health payoffs far outweigh the costs.

Choose organic food.

Now, not all real food is organic. Organic food is produced from natural substances and excludes chemical fertilisers, pesticides and other artificial chemicals. Organic food products are free from artificial sweeteners, preservatives and MSG. By opting for organic food you’re reducing your exposure to pesticides, GMOs and artificial chemicals and choosing more nutrient dense food.


Connect with Nature

Spend time in nature – walk along the beach, inhale the fresh air, soak up the warmth of a sunny day. Studies show that exposure to the outdoors is linked to better physical and mental health. Scientists believe that sunlight increases the brain’s release of serotonin, the happy hormone. Serotonin helps to regulate mood, facilitate sleeping and digestion and also helps to reduce depression and anxiety.


Conserve resources, Reduce Waste

Ever wondered how much waste you and your family produce in a week, a month, or a year. That can dramatically change when you switch to reusable products instead of disposable ones. When your coffee or peanut butter draws to an end, don’t dispose of the glass bottles, reuse them to store spices, pasta, hair accessories etc. Instead of plastic toothbrushes that wind up in a landfill site, use the bamboo variety. They’re biodegradable and affordable. Invest in a bamboo straw and coffee mug and refuse disposable plastic straws and paper cups.

A great feminine hygiene alternative to tampons or sanitary pads is the Moon Cup aka the menstrual cup.  This nifty, flexible, funnel shaped device is made from silicon or natural gum rubber and is much better for your body and the environment.

Tampons and pads contain artificial fibres like rayon which are abrasive, and toxic chemicals like dioxin which are produced during the bleaching process. Dioxin is linked to hormone disruptions, endometriosis and weakening your immune system. The cotton also causes dryness and itchiness. The menstrual cup has been found to be much safer and healthier and is easy to insert and remove once you get the hang of it!


Convert to Composting

It can dramatically decrease greenhouse emissions. Create a little compost heap in the garden where you can discard all your vegetable scraps. In addition, the bokashi bin system is an effective way to turn your wet kitchen food waste into nutrient rich compost for your own vegetable patch. This reduces the impact on landfills and the occurrence of greenhouse gas emissions.

Prohibit Plastic

Research indicates that 80% of the litter in our oceans is plastic. Want to know how you can help solve the global plastic crises? Refuse plastic! Buying from local farmers’ markets instead of big supermarket chains drastically reduces your need for plastic packaging. Most organic food suppliers use boxes, brown paper bags or crates. Greenheart Organics online food store uses certified compostable packaging that is fully biodegradable. Their innovative refill, reuse and rebate policy means that any plastic containers bought from them are refillable or returnable for a rebate. When you return any plastic containers purchased from Greenheart Organics you receive a credit on your account.

Making changes to your lifestyle in order to embrace a natural, eco-friendly way of living doesn’t need to be complicated. Start with one change and work at it. Once it feels comfortable, take the next step and build on that. Over time, the impact of these changes will add up and you’ll notice a difference in your quality of life. Having the peace of mind that your actions help protect the planet and curb climate change is just the cherry on the top.


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