Plastic Free Packaging

Plastic free July is so yesterday, when you commit to a conscious, healthy and plastic free lifestyle!  Why can’t we shop pesticide and waste free all of the time and become part of the solution to the global plastic pollution problem?  Well, now we can. Greenheart Organics, your online organic food store, has taken the leap! 

We have introduced certified compostable packaging and a re-fill, re-use & rebate policy for products which are still packaged in the outlawed plastic shells.  We are offering rewards and will accept any plastic containers returned (bought from our shop of course) and you will receive a rebate.  Thats right REWARDS are offered!  Return your plastic containers and you will receive a rebate/ credit on your account!
Simply return the items to our driver and we will ensure you receive rewards on your account!
Our Certified Compostable Packets are ready for combat.  Are you?  
Waste Free Living Survival Kits are ready to launch with introductory special deals to get you ready for battle:
Plastic Free Living Survival Kit:  R499.00
Contents:  String Tote Shopping Bag/ Glass Milk Bottle/ Stainless Steel Water Bottle/  Glass Coffee Mug/ Large Beeswax Wrap/  Bamboo Straw/ Mesh Produce Bag
Plastic Free Living Starter Kit:  R349.00
Contents:  Re-usable Crate/  Glass Milk Bottle/ Glass Water Bottle/  Glass Coffee Mug/ Large Beeswax Wrap/  Bamboo Straw/ Mesh Produce Bag
Waste Free Living Expert Kit:  R699.00
Contents:  Re-usable Crate/  Bokashi Bin & Bran/ 3 x Bag in a Bag Medium Shoppers/ Glass Milk Bottle/ Glass Water Bottle/  Glass Coffee Mug/ Glass Condiment Bottle/ 4 x Glass Jars/ Glass Spice Grinder/ Large Beeswax Wrap/  Bamboo Straw/ Mesh Produce Bag

Green Packaging Policy

We are green at heart which means we are passionate about being as environmentally friendly as we can by recycling and reducing waste – especially the single-use plastic kind. 

Here is the run down on how it all works:

  • Goods are packed in certified compostable film bags & cling wrap where possible.  Look out for our certified compostable “Good for the ground” film bags and add these to your kitchen food waste bokashi bins or compost heap.  If you do not have a bokashi bin or compost heap please throw these bags in your general waste bin and not your plastic recycling bin as these bags are made from starch/ plants and will contaminate it!  The environmental impact here is still as minimal as possible as these bags break down into CO2 and water in a landfill with no toxic pollution.
  • Any plastic container bought from our shop is refillable or returnable for a rebate.  Yep, thats right, we will pay you for your plastic!  
  • Glass refills will be charged at the purchase price and then credited once we receive your returns.  This means you pay for your glass vessel once and receive a rebate each time you return it. 
  • We use brown paper bags, boxes and crates to deliver your orders.  If you haven’t already opted for a re-usable shopping bag, crate or box you will receive your goods in brown paper bags or boxes. The cost of these will be added to your invoice.  Cold items are transported in cooler boxes and transferred to your box at delivery point. Please return your empty boxes / crates to our driver so that we may continue this recycling drive.
  • We try to avoid the use of unnecessary packaging. We do however want your items to remain as fresh as possible and in good condition and so we ensure that anything which might wilt or leak is packed in our stay fresh certified compostable bags.  You will notice that the shelf life of your fresh items will be extended by several days. 
  • Bags are re-usable.  Just rinse out and dry.  The side gusset makes the bags open up and provide more space for those sandwiches, vegetable cuts or left over cheese.

We also strive to be a green business by:

  • Recycling as much of our waste as possible.
  • Supporting local suppliers where possible. 
  • Ordering stock in as large quantities as possible in order to minimize the packaging that we receive goods in.
  • Encouraging suppliers to supply goods in refillable containers and or to accept returns for refill purposes.
  • In house we use paper eco tape and keep labels as small as possible, made from paper rather than plastic and encourage our suppliers to do the same. 

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